New Sandwich Company Debuts in Long Beach

Cuts of roasted meat, savory dressings, slabs of juicy tomato and of course, freshly baked bread. Longtime resident and owner of Swingbellys BBQ, Dan Monteforte teamed up with family members Frank Monteforte and Frank Monteforte Jr. to open Long Beach Sandwich Company in August. Long Islanders have been lining up for picture perfect deli sandwiches and brunch items ever since.

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Dan’s experience working with local delis and his family’s eatery, Bagel Connection, left him frustrated at the lack of authentic delis on Long Island. “The whole concept for Long Beach Sandwich Company is that delis have all gone the way of Subway,” said Dan. “What’s more New York than a deli? When I grew up we roasted our own meats in-house—and we’re doing that now.”

At Long Beach Sandwich Company, diners can enjoy gourmet sandwiches like fresh paninis, ciabattas, heroes and even wraps for breakfast. Lunch options range from fresh turkey on the bone and eye rounds of roast beef to a hand-rolled porchetta that Dan makes himself. Some of the staff’s favorite menu items include a sweet fig jam and French onion aioli, all made in-house. Sandwiches like the “Cranky Frankie,” Buffalo chicken cutlet, cheddar and bleu cheese in a pressed wrap, are named for his younger brother Frank Jr. “Most of the names of our sandwiches are inside jokes for family members and friends.”

A sandwich is only as great as its bread, and the Long Beach Sandwich Company team promises fresh, locally sourced breads from Tom Cat Bakery. “Another local and a good friend of mind, Raymond Smith, will be opening Blacksmith Breads in Long Beach very soon, and we plan on working with them as well.”

The tiny shop offers a comfortable, California-style vibe with wall length glass windows, subway tile and outdoor planters, as well as an outdoor picnic table in the front for quick seating and eating.

Long Beach Sandwich Company is located at 801 West Beech Street in Long Beach.