All Tied Up

A tie is one of the most timeless symbols of masculinity—styles may change, but it remains a menswear constant. Still, there’s more than one way to tie a knot. The standard four-in-hand knot is classic, making for a narrow, more discreet tie. The Windsor knot’s chic symmetry adds a sense of intention and elegance, connoting a royal quality. And the nuances of style continue from there.

A tie bar is another way to amp up character and comes in handy when sporting an unusual and somewhat awkward below-the-belt length. This sartorial faux pas has become the style of the season. Rebellious designer Demna Gvasalia of BALENCIAGA paired a too-long tie with an oversized jacket and pants. This loosening of traditions continued at VETEMENTS, where Gvasalia eschewed the tie all together, replacing it with a silver bolo—straight up alpha cowboy fantasy. At ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, a hybrid ascot/tie creation was paired with an otherwise traditional, impeccably tailored suit. The moral of the story: tie one on any way that suits you.