Greenport’s Shady Lady Reopens as The Lin Beach House

For seven years, the large, white Victorian building once known as the Shady Lady Inn and Restaurant has been vacant. It was a comfortable place in Greenport where people gathered for dinner, drinks and good conversation. Come this October she’ll be back in action, but this time as The Lin Beach House.

Spearheaded by the same team that brought the Matchbook Distilling Co. to Greenport, The Lin Beach House is the brainchild of Leslie Merinoff, Brian Kwasnieski, Nancy Cameron, Joshua Duffy, Naciim Benkreira, Paul Monahan, Matthew Spinnozi and Andrew Merinoff. It was born of equal parts passion and necessity. “The Lin was a kind of means to an end. Half of us were commuting from Brooklyn and half of us were commuting from East Hampton,” said Leslie Merinoff. “We needed a place to live.”

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The process of restoring the building to working condition, and to fit the team’s vision, began in May 2017. Though there have been no significant structural changes, past visitors of the Shady Lady won’t find a trace of what had been there before.

The clean, airy aesthetic of The Lin stands in direct contrast to the Shady Lady’s crimson reds and gothic design. The six rooms available boast 13-foot ceilings and coastal white walls. The decor is nordic and beach inspired, including decorative pieces members of the team have collected during their travels to destinations like Denmark, Bali and South Africa.

The feel of The Lin Beach House is captured in its name. “Lin is French for linen,” explained Merinoff, “but it’s also Gaelic for she knows, so the feminine character of the structure is still there.”

Pending final inspections and licenses, The Lin Beach House is set to open late October. Food and drink service is expected to begin in December, with hyper local creations from Matchbook Distilling Co., as well as a menu of grown-up grilled cheese and charcuterie. In alignment with the local approach, local chefs will be invited to host pop-up restaurants from two days to a month.

The team is optimistic about opening additional locations in the future, “The synergy seems so beautiful from where we’re standing,” said Merinoff.

The Lin Beach House will be located at 455 Route 25 in Greenport.