Say More Boutique Heads into Fall

The inevitable end of another summer has its perks, namely fall fashion. If the last few months are any indication of what this next season will bring, we know it’s time to cozy up as usual in warm, comfy finds from mainstay classics to today’s trends. In the spirit of originality, Jennifer Poppiti of Say More Boutique has a mission of outfitting women in boutique pieces without the high fashion price tag through her online shop and now at her Patchogue storefront.

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Window displays offer a glimpse into the eclectic yet thoughtfully selected collections that populate the boutique’s racks and shelves. “I hand select everything visiting various expos and showrooms,” Poppiti said. “I select my styles based on instinct–really what I know women want and would look amazing in and love, but also very particular about design, cuts, fabric and patterns.”

Before opening her own boutique, Poppiti taught special education for 16 years. She also had a side business making and selling jewelry she designed, sharing that she had been creating for as long as she could remember. Though Poppiti loved teaching, fashion was always at the forefront. “I always had this intense passion for clothing design, fabrics, patterns and color palettes,” she said. “I always knew one day I had and needed to be a part of the industry, and it was definitely a dream of mine.”

The dream came to life in 2014, when Poppiti founded online women’s boutique The site offers a curated selection of women’s clothing and accessories, touting small-batch collections in an effort to keep new and trending merchandise flowing. Through her first real entry into the fashion world, Poppiti began building her brand both on and offline. She created a name for herself and a brand awareness by participating as a vendor at local fairs and festivals throughout Long Island, charity events and Sip N Shop with Say More Boutique, in which she would host home shopping parties for clients.

Poppiti established a local following and built the foundation for Say More Boutique to open its doors this past April. “I’m so grateful at the response Say More’s physical presence is getting and I absolutely love interacting with my customers and helping them look and feel beautiful,” shared Poppiti. “Everyone that walks through our door I have genuine interactions and fun with. I don’t feel they are customers, they are friends here. There’s really no better feeling.”


image: say more boutique

The boutique also has an awareness for ethically produced pieces. Conscious of the environment, animal rights and supporting the American economy, Poppiti aims to select items with these values in mind, opting for US-made brands and fair-trade products from overseas. Many lines are eco-friendly with vegan leather, organic fabrics and low in-pack dyes, something the clientele often appreciate.

As Say More Boutique heads into its first fall season, the store is rife with new arrivals. Trends at the boutique include floral patterns in warm autumn shades of brown, orange and reds, alongside varying denim styles that serve as wardrobe staples. Statement pieces in a variety of looks and trends appeal to each customer’s individual style, while mixed materials provide new takes on classic looks.

“The design trends I’m seeing for the fall are a lot of texture and color done in so many different silhouettes,” explained Poppiti. “There’s lots of suede, velvets, embroidery, fringe (still), faux fur vests and of course denim.”

Say More Boutique products are available online and at 10 Havens Avenue in Patchogue.