Blast Spa and Fitness Opens in Great Neck

Blast Spa and Fitness in Great Neck has been transforming the way Long Islanders stay fit since opening in August.

Instead of offering only one type of class like yoga, Blast Spa and Fitness has a full schedule of spin, barre, pilates, self defense, TRX and yoga. It’s also the only studio on Long Island to offer silent spin class, utilizing personal bluetooth headsets that allow riders to listen to music and the instructor right in their headphones. Fusion classes, such as spin-barre or spin-yoga are also for the taking.

“By having it all under one roof, customers [who come] in and…wanted to do a spin class [and] were waitlisted…don’t have to leave the studio and go somewhere else to take another class,” owner Maria Ciancio Gioino said.

image: blast spa and fitness

Maria Ciancio Gioino is the owner and inspiration for Blast Spa and Fitness.

The under-one-umbrella set-up is something Ciancio Gioino felt her neighborhood fit fam needed.

“For the past 10 years, I’ve been going to spin studios for spin, barre studios for barre and yoga studios for yoga,” Ciancio Gioino said. “In the morning, I would wake up and look at my phone and every single class was either waitlisted or had no availability. I couldn’t exercise unless I booked it days in advance.”

image: blast spa and fitness

The fitness studio avoids longterm commitments by offering customers package options of 10 or 15 classes. Customers can also benefit from the boutique’s certified personal trainers who can customize workouts according to each individual’s fitness goals.

In addition to fitness classes, the spa offers massages and infra-red Himalayan sauna sessions. Blast Spa and Fitness is the only place on Long Island to have Fascia Blaster treatments. This massage therapy treatment improves muscle performance, reduces pain, accelerates muscle recovery, breaks down fat cells and destroys cellulite.

“Our Fascia Blaster treatment can change your life and make you healthy,” Ciancio Gioino said. “It changed my life. I wasn’t able to exercise. I was in physical therapy and was getting injections in my knees. Now, I’m exercising every single day again and I want to share the benefits of what the Fascia Blaster can do with everybody.”

image: fascia blaster

Blast Spa and Fitness is the only place on LI to offer the Fascia Blaster treatment.

Ciancio Gioino doesn’t expect Blast Spa and Fitness to plateau anytime soon. She said she hopes to continue to add new fitness classes as time goes on.