Pick Up a Pint at Jamesport Farm Brewery This Fall

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image: jamesport farm brewery

Grab a pint at the new Jamesport Farm Brewery—opened in Riverhead Aug. 25—where most craft beers are made with hops, wheat and barley grown right on site. A true “farm to pint” experience, the 43-acre farmland that was once a potato farm, now has many hop plants that prefer the same soils as potatoes. I caught up with Jamesport Farm Brewery co-owner Melissa Daniels to learn about some of the popular brews out this fall.

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Sugar Skull Pumpkin Spice Ale

JFB Sugar Skull (1)

image: jamesport farm brewery

This limited edition, seasonal pumpkin ale is made with Willamette hops and fall spices that Daniels said, “Is reminiscent of pumpkin pie.” The smooth flavor profile with a light pumpkin taste is complete with hints of allspice, cinnamon and clove. The brew is as versatile as it is fun—Cakes by Calynne uses it to make pumpkin ale cupcakes sold at the tasting room.


A traditional German-style beer, this seasonal brew smells just like anything Oktoberfest-themed should. It’s characterized by a medium to full body, malty flavor and lightly hopped with a clean dry finish. Pair with dry rubbed, grilled or roasted meats like pork and beef.

Fresh Hop Beer

Brewed about two weeks ago, this earthy brew is made with fresh centennial and magnum hops grown right on the farm. The fresh hops create a taste Daniels likes to refer to as very “vegetal.”

Rows and Hoes

JFB Rows & Hoes

image: jamesport farm brewery

This signature IPA is one of the most popular and for good reason. It is well-balanced with “floral notes of citrus from the centennial hops.” And customers love it with the mouthwatering pulled pork sandwich from the food truck.

Barn Swallow Brown

Perfect for autumn, this smooth American Brown Ale is “lighter than a porter or stout, but still has that full-bodied flavor.” And lucky for dessert lovers, it boasts notes of chocolate and coffee.

Jamesport Farm Brewery is located at 5873 Sound Ave, Riverhead. Beer tastings are offered Wednesday through Sunday.