5 Scary Books That Keep You Up at Night

Halloween is around the corner, making October the month for all things spooky. Haunted houses, movies and television shows are thrilling, chilling (and at times just so bad they’re scary good). But page-turners, though less visual, can also captivate you. Five scary books will let your imagination run wild.

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“Hell House” by Richard Matheson

This horror story centers around one important question: Is there life after death? A dying millionaire hires four unique experts to find out if anything lives in the haunted Belasco house aptly named the Hell House. The findings may just spook you.

“It” by Stephen King

Coulrophobics, beware. This story revolves around a killer clown who dwells in the sewers and preys on young people. Seven victims return to their fictional hometown of Derry, Maine as adults to try and defeat him once and for all.

“Ghost Story” by Peter Straub

Your actions will come back to haunt you. Four older men from the eerie town of Milburn, New York believed they could bury the past, but what they learn is no one can get away with murder that easily.

“The Woman in Black” by Susan Hill

Set in a small English town in the early 1900s, the narrator has been sent to settle the estate of a recently deceased client—an elderly widower. It turns out she may have been hiding a sinister secret heralding the death of children.

“The Haunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson

A work of terror, this novel tells the story of four people staying at the Hill House as they encounter inexplicable phenomena. There are creepy noises, ghosts roaming the halls and writing on the walls. What they don’t know is the spooky house is seeking its next victim.