Barnshed Brewing Boasts Seasonal Ales

There’s a pumpkin beer Long Islanders haven’t tried and it’s waiting to be poured from the taps at Barnshed Brewing. Head brewer Bryan Murphy began brewing in 2010 after a failed attempt at winemaking. A few years back, Murphy and his wife Kristine held successful beer fests in their backyard. It was then the couple knew they were on to something. When they learned of an already established brewery upgrading its equipment, the duo pounced and officially opened their doors in May.

The brewery currently has nine beers and one hard cider on tap. (Yes, that includes the pumpkin-flavored brew called Thank Gourd Pumpkin Ale, and its ABV’s 5.1%.) I caught up with Bryan to find out more about the beers, the tasting room and what’s on tap for the cooler weather.

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What’s the story behind the “Barnshed Brewing” name.
The name Barnshed came from our barn-shaped shed in our backyard. I used to homebrew in the backyard and created a bar inside the barn. The barnshed became a popular place for friends and family to gather.

Upon entering the brewery, there’s a jukebox to the immediate left. What’s its story?
The jukebox was donated by friends that got it from a local bar. It’s a great way for people to enjoy music they want to hear. We just started a fundraiser with the jukebox, 50 percent of the jukebox money will be donated to different charities. Last month, we donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

How do you go about developing original recipes for your beers?
I had a few recipes I liked going into opening the brewery. Being a New York State Farm brewery, we use locally sourced grains and hops. There’s a learning curve with making bigger batches and using local ingredients. We’ve been learning on the fly, putting many different beers out and seeing what consumers like. Different people like different beers, so having a big selection is helpful.

How do you make your beer stand out from all the other LI breweries?
I started brewing beer I wanted to drink. Family and friends played a role in this, too. I like to brew a lot of different beers to have something for everyone. Having a small brewery gives us the flexibility to experiment with different recipes. I think having a good spread of different beers and having seasonal rotation will help us going forward.

What beers can customers expect from Barnshed Brewing in fall and winter?
I enjoy seasonal beers. As the seasons change, so will the beers. This fall we will have a dunkelweizen, pumpkin ale and an Oktoberfest. The winter we’ll have an imperial stout and a winter ale.

What’s next for Barnshed Brewing?
We will continue to push the limits on what we can brew, while still having a few year round beers. We still have a lot to learn but I think the community is just as excited for the ride as we are. If you brew good beer, people will come.

Barnshed Brewing is located at 100E Lauman Ln., Hicksville.

cj arlotta

cj arlotta

CJ Arlotta resides on Long Island with his potted plants, bottled wines and overdue library books. Email pitches to