5 Things to Eat at Coastal Kitchen and Daiquiri Bar


image: coastal

There’s a chill in the air, but Coastal Kitchen plans to take people on an island-inspired vacation when the new restaurant, set to open in a few weeks, participates in Pulse‘s Island tasting to benefit Island Harvest Nov. 9 at the Mansion at Oyster Bay. Chef Zach Rude gave a first taste at the restaurant’s menu—though he was mum on whether one of the delicacies would be on the table at Island Tasting.

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Miso Garlic Wings

A fresh take on a classic bar food, miso garlic wings are in a league of their own. “As someone who loves good wings, I wanted to give them a new and exciting face lift,” said chef Rude. The chicken wings are brined in salt, sugar and spices for an extra tangy kick. Once fried and crispy, the wings are tossed into miso garlic sauce and finished with crispy garlic and ginger. To complete the dish, they are paired with black garlic ranch and crudités.

Coastal Lobster Roll

“Living on Long Island, [featuring] a lobster roll was a must for us.” Fresh cooked lobster salad is paired with bacon cured with Jamaican jerk spice and placed on a homemade old bay focaccia bun.

Mofongo Bites

Chef Rude makes this classic Puerto Rican dish with mashed plantains, roasted garlic, olive oil, butter and lime. He combines braised pork belly, chopped shrimp and plantains and fries them. Both crispy and tender, the bites are served with a sofrito and tomato based sauce called criollo sauce. “I spent two winters cooking in Puerto Rico and mofongo is one of my absolute favorite foods from the island.”

Fish Cakes

“Crab cakes on Long Island usually fall short due to one fatal flaw: access to crab meat,” said chef Rude. “Most of the crab cakes served on Long Island are made from frozen or canned pasteurized crab meat.” Coastal Kitchen makes sure to use fresh and local fish including flounder, fluke, sea bass, tilefish and striped bass. The fish cakes are pan-seared in homemade coconut green curry broth and garnished with a green papaya salad and some roasted peanuts.

Breakfast Grits

Coastal Kitchen will also feature an unforgettable brunch. Think slow cooked grits with homemade sausage, roasted apples and two sunny side farm eggs topped with micro chives.