A Margarita Recipe with a Floral Flare

Reengineered cocktails are the latest in libations. Fresh takes on old staples reawaken taste buds that were dulled by the same old, same old. Forty Eight Roses from the creative minds at Cork and Kerry is a classic margarita that eschews the notation that florals are to be reserved for springtime. This cocktail has proven so popular that beverage director and partner Doug Brickel said, “It’s been on the menu since day one and it’s probably never going anywhere.”

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Since that first day a couple of years ago, Cork and Kerry in Floral Park, a speakeasy-style bar accessed via a phone booth inside a coffee shop, has added a new location in Rockville Centre: an 1860s house unadorned with signage. The sought-after Forty Eight Roses is available at either location. This drink is “in the shape of something familiar but with new flavors,” that is, the shape of the margarita with a coconut-hibiscus infusion. “We try to have some builds that are familiar to people: a margarita, a Sazerac, an Old Fashioned, but a step outside the box. We want to be sure we can be accommodating to our local customers and also the cocktail needs coming out from the city.”

Forty Eight Roses

2 oz Milagro Silver Tequila
1 oz coconut-hibiscus syrup
3/4 oz lime juice
Lime wheel for garnish
Citrus salt for rim

Citrus salt: mix five parts kosher salt with two parts sugar and one part citric acid.
Rim half a coupe glass with citrus salt (wet the outside with a lime wedge then roll a glass in the salt halfway around). Shake liquid ingredients with ice and strain into coupe. Garnish with lime wheel.
Coconut-hibiscus syrup: steep ten Republic of Tea Hibiscus Coconut teabags in six cups of hot water for 15 minutes. Add six cups sugar and stir until dissolved. Chill, bottle and keep refrigerated.