Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

If the month passed you by and you’re left without a Halloween costume, know you’re certainly not the only one. But nobody wants to be the odd one out at a costume party. If store-bought costumes aren’t your thing and neither are sewing machines, don’t fret. These five simple DIY Halloween costumes will transform you into something clever within minutes.

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Rosie the Riveter

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Be a powerful cultural icon this Halloween. And what easier way to do that than with Rosie the Riveter? Simply sport a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans and a red bandana. Really make the outfit pop with some red lipstick as shown above.


There are tons of emojis to choose from, but those on a time crunch can transform themselves into one of the smiley faces. Choose your favorite (or the mood you’re in), draw it and paste it on stick. It’s that simple yet will make for some comical photos.


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Just some white face paint and you’re halfway there with this costume. Finish the look with an all black outfit or a striped shirt and black pants. Adding suspenders is another nice touch. And hey, this costume is a great excuse to keep mum when need be.

Regina George

It’s been more than 10 years since Mean Girls premiered quickly becoming a pop culture phenomenon. It’s so easy to hate (and secretly love) Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams. And copying her hilarious movie trend is just as simple. Poke two circular holes into a white tank top making sure the color purple shows from underneath. Pair it with a black shirt and, ta-da, so fetch!


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Whip out that green sweater you never wear and stick some white strings all over. Complete the look with a pair of pants and a colorful flower on your head. Just make sure you don’t mind being the most prickly person in the room.

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

Anna Halkidis is a senior web editor at Long Island Pulse. Feel free to reach out at or on Twitter @annahalkidis.