5 Things to Eat at Il Bacco Ristorante

Il Bacco Ristorante in Little Neck has been serving authentic, traditional Italian cuisine since the early 1990s at the hands of Giuseppe Oppedisano. As one of the participating restaurants at Pulse’s annual Island Tasting to benefit Island Harvest Nov. 9, diners can look forward to petite crab cakes over roasted cream corn and chipotle aioli. Creative manager Tina Maria Oppedisano dished on some other popular flavors to keep on your radar.

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Antipasto Caldo

When diners have a hard time choosing between fried calamari or clams for an appetizer, the antipasto caldo is the perfect solution. A heaping plate of shrimp, clams, calamari and mussels, the mix is cooked to perfection. It’s also buttery and tender.

Insalata Bacco

“This has been on the menu since the beginning, and it’s our most popular salad.” It’s packed with lettuce, tomato, asparagus, eggplant, peppers, beans and beets. These ingredients aren’t often incorporated into salads, but they blend together nicely for an earthy and fresh taste.

Spaghetti Picchi Paccu

The spaghetti picchi paccu is a delicious pasta dish that isn’t meant to leave diners feeling overly stuffed. “We use fresh plum tomatoes. It’s simple, fresh and light.” The dish is also made with basil, garlic and topped with pecorino cheese.

Costolette D’Agnello

Tender and flavorful, these baby lamb chops served over cooked carrots and string beans won’t disappoint. Pair the meat with a glass of one of Il Bacco’s 40 different red wines to complete the experience.

Pesce Del Giorno

Delivered fresh daily, seven fish options are on the menu. The fish of the day is a typical white fish like tilapia, cod or bass. But those looking for a little more flavor can opt for Il Bacco’s gamberoni fra diavolo, which is shrimp in a spicy fresh tomato sauce; or the trancio di salmone oreganata, salmon coated in bread crumbs served on a bed of vegetables.