5 Things to Eat at Mara’s Homemade

Mara’s Homemade in Syosset has been serving up Cajun and Creole-inspired comfort food since opening in 2003. One of the participants in Pulse’s Island Tasting on Nov. 9 at the Mansion at Oyster Bay, Mara’s Homemade is cooking up its popular Jambalaya and bluegrass pie (pecan pie with a chocolate and bourbon filling). Owner Mara Levi dished on some of the other flavors customers are raving about.

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Crawfish Stuffed Bread

Featuring strong Creole flavors, crawfish stuffed bread is the kitchen’s most requested dish. It consists of crawfish tails and cheese that are spiced and stuffed into a French baguette. “The crawfish stuffed bread is phenomenal due its unique flavor profile: oozing cheesy goodness and crisp bread contrast.”

Char-Grilled Oysters

The restaurant has been making this specialty for about 12 years, bringing in Gulf oysters all the way from Louisiana. “They have a thick shell and are big, sweet, succulent and creamy. East or West Coast oysters shrivel up to nothing and the shell is too delicate.” These oysters are shucked and char-grilled with Mara’s special butter sauce, bread crumbs, herbs and cheeses.

Cajun Fried Turkey and Turducken 

For a limited time, Mara is serving up Cajun fried turkey and turducken dinners. The delicious turducken dinner is complete with a slice of boneless chicken that is stuffed in a boneless duck slice, which is then stuffed in a piece of boneless turkey. “We do that so people can come in and taste it and, if they like it, they can order the whole one.” Mara’s is also featuring a Cajun fried turkey dinner consisting of white or dark meat infused with Mara’s Cajun marinade.

Banana Butterscotch Rye Pie

Made from Mara’s recipe, this pie consists of a vanilla wafer Redemption Rye crust filled with a butterscotch Redemption Rye custard. It is then topped with crushed bananas, fresh whipped cream and drizzled with Redemption Rye infused caramel. Levi said some customers have even dubbed it the “Oh My God” pie.

Homemade Burgers

Mara’s Homemade offers a variety of mouth-watering burger combinations. “We house grind the brisket, make the burgers and the pretzel buns daily.” Think old-fashioned burgers topped with Creole mustard, pickles and red onion and a BBQ burger complete with Arkansas BBQ sauce, Creole-spiced onions rings and blue cheese.