Snow Day Save

Functional footwear is requisite for planning outfits this time of year. Slushy days rife with unpredictable weather call for tried-and-true sole savers. But style should not be sacrificed in the name of practicality. L.L.Bean is upping the brand’s signature tumbled-leather boot with the addition of top-to-toe shearling lining that will keep feet warm and cozy all winter. Handcrafted in Maine, its supple outer will feel broken-in from the first wear.

Pro tip: purchase a pair one size down from your regular shoe size. The seemingly odd sizing has been consistent since L.L. invented the Maine Hunting Shoe in 1912. “Back then you needed very heavyweight socks, often hand knit, to keep your feet warm,” said Eric C. Smith, senior public relations representative at L.L.Bean. “These days, high performance wool or synthetic blends offer warmth and wicking without the bulk. That’s why we recommend sizing down.”

The company suggested sporting mid-weight wool or synthetic socks to keep feet dry and comfortable. “Because these boots are shearling lined, you won’t need a heavy sock to keep your feet warm, but you will want wool or a synthetic blend to wick perspiration away from your skin,” Smith said.

Score a pair at the newly opened L.L.Bean in Smith Haven Mall before braving the next snowstorm—or snowball fight. 10” boot; $229. 16” boot; $319. Available at Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove.

cyndi murray

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