Statement Accessories Ring in the Season

Bag It

The perennial high-shine rhinestone clutch will always be in favor, especially during this festive season. DIOR has always, and will continue, to render the accessory expertly. But two houses are revving classics to the next level. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN and FENDI introduced flashy options with crafty velvet, beading and lots of color. Leather and obvious logos were also thrown in for good measure, giving a new meaning to “Say it loud, say it proud.”

Leg Up

Sexy holiday legs require more than just classic fishnets—though there were still plenty to be seen on the runways this season. BALENCIAGA’s colorful lace stockings with a chain-inspired motif will stand out in a sea of traditional monochromatic shades. And CÉLINE’s knit spider web-esque tights give every reason to wear that LBD—or really just any LD.

Play It By Ear

There’s nothing like uninhibited sparkle to go with the holiday lights. Enter ISABEL MARANT, who went full on with her oversized chandelier earrings. BALENCIAGA’s mix-and-match pairs are a downright genius way to repurpose that one earring whose mate got lost at last year’s holiday party. Or just forego having a pair all together and rock a single statement-making earing à la SAINT LAURENT.

Take A Bow

Once reserved for young girls and librarians, a bow’s presence isn’t just for the sweet and innocent. MARCHESA’s mega-sized bows are far from demure—not only adorning gowns but as immodest hair accessories—whereas ROCHAS took a more understated approach to ribbons that hinted at propriety. When it comes to hair, subtly is the key word to rocking this trend without looking childish. A sleek low pony with a small bow in a neutral color (black, navy, champagne) at the nape of the neck has the opposite effect of its visual, drawing attention to what is considered to be an erogenous zone.