Sappy Holiday Commercials that will Make you Tear

’Tis the season for commercials that make us weep. Companies all around the world appeal to our emotions—and sometimes our wallets—by making some seriously gushy commercials during the holiday season. Yet hidden within each is a message of what the holidays really mean. Grab some tissues as you press play on five of the sappiest.

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This commercial from Edeka, a German supermarket, made its rounds on Facebook last December. Heimkommen translates to “homecoming.” The nearly two-minute long commercial takes you on a rollercoaster ride. If you weren’t already planning on being home for the holidays, you might just reconsider your plans after watching this.


No dialogue is needed. This Glade commercial from 2015 will bring out the tears with a strong message of loss and human compassion. Who knew a candle commercial could pull on your heart strings like this?


In 2013, Apple gave us a commercial with a familiar sight: a teenager preoccupied by his cell phone. But this teen wasn’t busy texting or scrolling through social media. Instead, he gave his family something to cry about. Apple achieves an adorable plot twist at the end of this one.


Upbeat and optimistic, this 2015 Coca Cola wants viewers to “taste Christmas.” Common warnings like “Don’t open the door to anyone” and “Don’t accept anything from strangers” are sprawled across the screen, but with unexpected endings. This ad will leave you feeling oddly hopeful.


This commercial from ifolor, a European photo printing company, proves that photos really are worth a thousand words. An elderly husband suffering from dementia suddenly remembers the night he met his wife in the 1950s after she gives him an album with old photos. A dance under the trees emphasizes their love. The simple message: “Make your greatest moments live forever.”