The Perfect Gift for the Coffee-Obsessed


A gift card to a local coffee shop is far from creative. And who really needs another mug taking up space in the cabinet? Instead, make the coffee lovers on your holiday list really smile with the ultimate gift: the Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker. They’ll thank you later—or as soon as they grab hold of their smartphone.

This easy-to-use appliance makes it simple to enjoy a cup of cold brew while kicking back at home. Forget waiting 12 to 24 hours for the first sip. The Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker is kissing those traditional methods goodbye along with 2017. Expect a cup of cold brew in as little as 25 minutes. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

It gets better: the Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker can brew seven cups at a time. It also features three different strength options helping to customize the coffee experience. Every coffee aficionado knows how important that is.

If you’re skeptical about drinking cold coffee in the winter, there’s no need to wince at the idea. Cold brew is naturally sweet and is smoother in flavor than high heat coffee. Pop in your favorite light or dark roast in the cold brew coffee maker for a less acidic taste to boot. Another perk? You can refrigerate the cold brew in the stylish carafe for up to two weeks. All removable parts are also dishwasher safe. Talk about a time-saver!

Make your list, but no need to check it twice. The Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Maker is something your coffee-obsessed friends need this season. Order one online at