6 Festive Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Your belly may still be full from Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, but don’t be fooled, Christmas is right around the corner. This season is known for bringing joy with celebrations, feasts and family gatherings. Yet there is one unwelcome downside to the most wonderful time of the year: the stress of decorating. For those who didn’t rush to put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, it’s time to stop procrastinating. It’s also time to spice it up. Find decoration inspiration with these simple, festive and creative holiday ideas.

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Simple & Natural

Christmas wreath closeup

image: istockphoto.com/5ugarless

Don’t have time to shop for new decorations? No worries! You can make a tree festive just by going into nature. Collect some pine cones and snip some holly to nestle in the branches of your evergreen for an easy but sophisticated Christmas tree. If available, slip in some baby’s breath flowers for a hint of white.

Burst of Color

A traditional tree may not be up your alley, so bring out the colored lights and bright ornaments. Make sure to match the garland and ornaments monochromatically. There are even different colored artificial trees available for those who dare to go very bold. 


Gold Christmas Ornaments Shells Beads Washed Ashore on Sandy Beach

image: istockphoto.com/deborah maxemow

Live for the beach, or just want to pretend summer isn’t over? Luckily, Long Island is surrounded by water, so there’s always the option of heading down to the beach to pick up shells, driftwood, sand dollars or whatever strikes your fancy. Use nautical rope as garland and hang your beach finds like ornaments—because who needs winter?

Winter Wonderland

Those who love winter, on the other hand, can play up to a winter wonderland theme. Go all out with white ornaments, including snowflakes and snowballs, along with bright lights. Sprinkle in some white pearls or white garland (or both). Since winter lasts through February, there’s no need to take down this seasonal tree right after the holidays are over.


A tree decorated exclusively in glass ornaments makes for an ornate, classy look. Using muted colors in garland and other decorations will give the tree a serene, comforting vibe. Glass balls, icicles and little glass tree-shaped ornaments will create the perfect winter setting for your living room.

For the Foodie

Gingerbread snowflake hanging on decorated Christmas tree

image: istockphoto.com/serts

There’s no better part of the holidays than indulging in the Christmas cookies and candy canes that come with the season. And food can be just as aesthetically pleasing on a Christmas tree as it can be fulfilling in your stomach. So get ready to have leftovers for decorating. String together popcorn to make garland, stuff the branches with clusters of cinnamon sticks, hang up the candy canes and get some gingerbread and snowflake ornaments baking! Now there’s a tree that will look and smell great.