DOMA Land + Sea Brings Kosher With a Twist to Cedarhurst

Kosher cooking isn’t something easily found outside of homemade meals, but DOMA Land + Sea is an exception. Newly opened in Cedarhurst, the new restaurant boasts a menu that covers land and sea: chicken, veal, steak, fish and sushi. All dishes, including appetizers and desserts, fit kosher requirements. Executive chef Oscar Martinez had no previous experience with kosher cooking, but was introduced to DOMA co-owner Boris Safaniev and became intrigued by the opportunity.

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“It was challenging at first, not knowing anything about kosher cooking,” said Martinez. Having trained at The Art Institute of New York City and worked in the kitchens at Windows of the World, Aretsky’s Patroon and The Old Homestead, Martinez honed his culinary skills and perfected his grilling technique. But kosher restrictions were something new to him entirely. “You can’t use any dairy and I’ve gotten to know my substitutions, like olive oil, garlic and caramelized onions.”

DOMA translates to “home or dwelling” in Latin and Russian. Exposed brick walls, dark wooden tables and vintage style light bulbs hanging from the ceiling all capture the homey feeling proposed by the restaurant’s name. Though it exudes intimacy, the dining area seats 170 guests. The walls are also dotted with striking, pop-art pieces by Elizabeth Sutton.

“DOMA could be a restaurant in New York City; you wouldn’t walk in and think that this was a kosher restaurant. People are in for a New York City experience without the travel, from the ambiance to the service,” said Martinez.

The décor will draw you in and the food will make you stay. The menu offers an array of flavors including Japanese, Italian, American and Spanish. Martinez’s inspiration and Salvadorian heritage can also be seen throughout the dishes. “My mother got me interested in cooking. I saw the passion in her and how food made everyone happy at family gatherings. I make tacos, beef barbacoa and there’s a little bit of chili in almost every dish.”

Martinez hopes that DOMA Land + Sea’s Cedarhurst location is only the beginning. “We’re doing something the kosher market hasn’t seen yet. It’s a young company and we’re hungry to grow and expand.”