Christmas with A Twist: 7 Dishes to Make

Come the holidays, the love of food brings people together like nothing else. The smell of your favorite foods wafting through the air is one of life’s most simple pleasures. Some families serve the same menu year after year while others like to spice things up. No matter which option your family chooses, there’s always one dish on the table that everyone wants to try. This year, it could be one of these unique holiday dishes.

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Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella-1

image: little sunny kitchen

When Diana Alshakhanbeh of Little Sunny Kitchen has holiday guests over that love seafood, but hate chicken and meat, she turns to this seafood paella. A colorful main attraction, this quick and easy dish can be on the table in just 20 minutes. Loaded with bright, colorful vegetables and mounds of mussels, shrimp and clams, this festive recipe commands center stage. Get the recipe

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Polenta

image: taste and see

This year, let your slow cooker do most of the work for you. Holly Sander from Taste and See braises lamb shanks for hours in plenty of white wine, herbs and vegetables. The end result is a tender, lush and a delicious meal that is worthy of any holiday celebration. Get the recipe

Kale & Roasted Veggie Salad 


image: coffee and crayons

Every holiday table needs a vegetable, but when you’ve grown tired of sweet potatoes and green bean casserole, move on to this deliciously healthy kale and roasted veggie salad. Jessica Bailey Randhawa from Coffee and Crayons combines roasted potatoes and carrots with brown rice, chickpeas and kale. Then, she tops it off with homemade green pesto. Get the recipe

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna


image: kushi’s kitchen

Lasagna is a staple at many Christmas dinners, but with so many other dishes to sample, it can get a bit heavy. Kushi Mallya from Cook with Kushi understands this and offers up a cheesy, low carb dish that will satisfy all your cravings. This spaghetti squash lasagna is packed with mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and vegetables. Get the recipe

Pulled Wild Boar 

Pulled boar-3-3

image: bbq bastard

The BBQ Bastard ups the ante of traditional pulled pork by using wild boar and pairing it with a homemade port sauce using cranberries and blackberries. The deep and warm taste of game pairs nicely with the sweet and sour berries. The carnivores at the table will scream with delight when they sink their forks into this hearty dish. Get the recipe

Pomegranate Mint Relish 


image: my kitchen love

Samantha Gutmanis from My Kitchen Love is not a fan of cranberry sauce so she came up with this alternative side dish. Using crunchy pomegranates, refreshing mint and tangy vinegar and lemon juice, this cheery relish will brighten any holiday meal. Get the recipe

Jollof Rice


image: recipes from a pantry

If you really want to try something new and different this holiday season, consider adding Jollof Rice to your holiday table. This spiced tomato rice is served all across West Africa during celebrations and lends itself to sharing. Get the recipe

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