A Fresh Take on Fries

Joe Ciminera first got the idea for his Long Island takeout restaurant Spuds Pommes Fries while filming his show Taste This in Belgium.

“I stumbled across this little hole-in-the-wall french fry shop,” Ciminera said. “There was this little old lady frying french fries and handing them out outside of a window.”

The fries were topped with things like pickled herring and caviar with mayonnaise. Ciminera thought it would be a great idea if he Americanized the concept. He began to create a menu and, on his plane ride home, Spuds Pommes Fries was born.

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The french fry-themed restaurant opened in Bellmore in September. Customers can cover their french fries with a slew of toppings including pulled pork, meatballs marinara and Parmesan and truffle oil. The shop also features 22 special sauces all made by Ciminera himself. Popular flavors include ranch aioli, spicy buffalo sauce and Ciminera’s favorite: black truffle. In addition to fries, Ciminera is also serving up pizza, chicken, buffalo wings and shakes, including vanilla, chocolate and bacon.

“I always felt that Bellmore was missing a unique takeout place,” Ciminera said. “My goal is to be the premier takeout and replace [places like] McDonald’s. There is nothing bad in the foods that we prepare.”

Everything is made in-house. The french fry shop peels and cooks anywhere from 250 to 500 pounds of hand-selected Idaho potatoes per day. The potatoes are cut, fried in boiling saltwater and then fried again in grape seed oil.

And customers in a rush can still taste the deliciousness. Spuds Pommes Fries features a unique delivery service to the Merrick, Bellmore and Wantagh train stations. All customers have to do is place their order online 45 minutes before their train arrives and the fries will be waiting for them.

Next month, Ciminera will open a new location of Spuds Pommes Fries in East Meadow. He also hinted at the next best ice cream concept, which will soon be featured in his stores.