5 Apps that Make Healthy Eating Easy

The desire to start eating healthier often strikes with the New Year. But after a few days of chowing down on vegetables, suddenly those french fries and nachos creep into the diet. One cheat day turns into two and then three, and well, you get the picture. But let technology help change all that in 2018. Consider this your app guide to healthier eating choices.

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Harvest ($1.99)

A database of seasonal produce, Harvest is unique because it’s tailored by location. Long Islanders will know what’s in season on the island rather than the general pattern produce follows in the country. The app also provides advice on how to decide if a particular piece of produce is fresh or worth buying. For example, did you know that medium-sized strawberries have more flavor than larger ones? The app provides access to similar tips for more than 120 produce items. The experience doesn’t end at the store. Use Harvest at home to access unique tips on storing produce. Currently, the app is exclusive to Apple products.

Fooducate (Free)

Fooducate is essentially an all-inclusive, personalized diet and wellness plan for iOS and Android users. It uses a grade system to rank personal eating habits and assess calorie intake. Based on one’s eating habits, the app recommends healthier alternatives and recipes. There is also a calorie tracking tool and a food point tracker. You can also track your activity, sleep and mood, and receive support and advice on achieving wellness goals from an online community.

Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box (Free)

Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box is the most popular recipe curator and database available in the app store. Access over a million unique recipes instantly from popular sites like Allrecipes and Epicurious as well as small, niche blogs. Discover new recipes based on food preferences. Those who prefer to cook have a shopping list created for them depending on the meal. Missing a kitchen tool needed? View and purchase it straight from the application. If you need guidance while cooking, videos are also available. Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box goes further by working with Apple Health to allow users to track the nutrition facts and servings of any meal.

ShopWell (Free)

ShopWell is a free diet and grocery food scanner worth having during trips to the grocery store. Holding more than 400,000 food recommendations, the app offers alternative products when shoppers choose an unhealthy item. An integration with Apple Health also means further personalized nutrition labels. Specific diet goals or restrictions are also accounted for including advice on gluten-free foods. Dietary guidance is also available for people with conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide (Free)

People following a GMO-free diet don’t have it easy. In the United States, genetically modified foods are not required to contain a label. The free Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide makes it simple to find non-GMO products by providing a searchable comprehensive database. Keywords include brands and product types. More information on the Non-GMO Project, GMO-prone ingredients and recommendations on retailers that support non-GMO shopping is also included.

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