4 Ways to Kick-Start Weight Loss Goals

Along with the New Year comes a plethora of weight loss articles promising to have the secret to a thinner waistline in seven days or a five minute workout that will bring the number on the scale down. It’s time to let go of those empty promises. Weight loss takes dedication, motivation and self-discipline. “You must exercise a certain amount. You must eat a certain way. You must reduce stress. Period,” said Danny Greenberg, a NYC-based certified personal trainer with 15 years of experience. “Everyone has a million excuses, but the bottom line is you must do these things every day.” Make 2018 the year you kick-start your weight loss goals with these expert tips.

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Lean into it

A common mistake people make when they plan to start losing weight is working out too hard. “Start off by changing a few habits, add a few things to your daily routine, and in no time you will feel fantastic,” Greenberg said. With that often comes the challenge of committing to a lifestyle change no matter how desperately one wants to shed pounds. “Starting a weight loss plan before you are ready and committed to making lifestyle changes can be a mistake. Losing weight is hard work, so it is important to be fully invested in the process before getting started,” said Shana Maleeff, a registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of the wellness website FoodandFitnessPro.

Make a schedule

Planning a fitness routine is essential to weight loss success. Greenberg suggested signing up for classes, hiring a trainer or finding a friend to workout with. Then make a schedule. “If you don’t lock it into your schedule, you’re not gonna do it,” he said. “Plan to workout 4-6 times a week in order to see results.” Once you lock in your fitness routine, be sure to also lock in new eating habits. “The most important tip for weight loss and maintaining healthy habits is preparation,” said Maleeff. This includes grocery shopping, cooking and planning for the day or week ahead. “Logging your food (intake) is a great tool for longterm success,” she added.

Learn the basics

When it comes to losing weight, Greenberg said it’s important to learn the basics on healthy eating. “Your body needs a balance of macro (protein/fat/carbs) and micro nutrients. Achieve this balance by eating fresh fruits and vegetables (carbs), lean meats (protein), fish (protein and fat) and some nuts (protein and fat),” he said. Another tip: drink lots of water. Eliminating processed sugars and refined carbs is also crucial, according to Maleeff. She also suggested planning meals in advance and keeping an emergency snack in reach.

Be hard on yourself

“Being too easy on yourself and not recognizing the stakes is a damaging mistake,” Greenberg said. The end game is not to lose whatever pounds. The end game is living the journey and practicing discipline.” It’s important to acknowledge weaknesses and hold yourself accountable in order for real results to show.