Fulfill New Year’s Home Resolutions

Home—it’s where we unwind, regroup and restart. Our homes are a reflection of who we are, or, perhaps, who we are striving to become. Refreshing our homes at the start of a new year can help set the tone for positive changes. The following five LI boutiques are here to help.

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Bru na Bo, Northport

Bru na Bo

image: bru na bo

Jack Reidy, who immigrated from Ireland over 20 years ago, aims to stock his store with wares that represent the Irish experience, as well as products made from reclaimed materials. Shop Irish avoca blankets, reclaimed wood dining room tables and hand-crafted cement topped coffee tables, consoles, counters and bar tops. Additional products include small gift items and home accessories such as marble nut bowls, Himalayan salt cooking stones and salt lamps. Bru na Bo even hosts monthly live musical acts with musicians ranging from Irish bands to local talent. Address: 33 Scudder Avenue | Phone: 631-239-6763 Click to shop

Say La Vie, Cold Spring Harbor

This charming boutique, located in the oldest standing building in Cold Spring Harbor, is filled with positive spiritual energy. More than a store, it’s a place to nourish the soul. Free guided meditation sessions are offered each month and the shelves are stocked with Buddha statues, crystals, karmic stones and talismans. Items from the owner’s bestselling jewelry and handbag line are also on display, along with locally made soaps, serums, inspirational word stones and essential oils. Address: 75 Main St. | Phone: 631-659-3833 Click to shop

The Weathered Barn, Greenport

Weathered Barn

image: the weathered barn

This shop gets its name from the historical cottage community the owners once lived in before opening this shop in Greenport in 2011. The shop’s aesthetic is inspired by nature. Think: earthy, aromatic scents of hand poured candles alongside an extensive bath and body collection displayed in elegant amber toned bottles. Additional treasures include old street lamp bulbs recycled into hanging flower vases; driftwood, pebbles and shells repurposed into home décor; and handmade jewelry. Address: 41 Front St. | Phone: 631-477-6811 Click to shop

Clark’s Garden and Home, Greenport

The mission at Clarke’s is straightforward: to help clean and refresh a home’s interior through houseplants, flowers and herbs. The owners, known for their expertise in horticulture and floral design, strive to freshen up, beautify and refresh a home’s air quality through the use of indoor and outdoor plants and floral arrangements (local delivery and installation of potting of houseplants is provided). Expect to also find seasonal gift items, upscale garden decorations, lanterns, vases, glazed pots and saucers and year-round gardening supplies. Address: 416 Main St. | Phone: 631-477-6770 Click to shop

Love Adorned, Amagansett

Love Adorned

image: love adorned

Located in the cozy, outdoor shopping area of Amagansett Square, and owned by industry veteran Lori Leven, Love Adorned features one-of-a kind lifestyle items and fine jewelry. Leven travels the world for inspiration, valuing craftsmanship and utility above all else. Stylish finds include hand cast marbled porcelain serving bowls, the Lola Harper collaborative Amagansett candle (a collaborative effort between Leven and designer Lola James) and Dansk wood salad bowls. There’s also the famous Love Adorned Skateboard Swing—a customized tree swing sure to enhance any outdoor living space. Address: 156 Main St. | Phone: 631-267-7720 Click to shop