Long Island Realtor Rises to the Top

Beth Lowe

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Growing up with a father who was an independent broker, Beth Lowe always dreamed of helping people buy a home. Her plans were derailed because of a rocky marriage that ended with her husband passing away from a painkiller overdose. She was left without money, a job or a place to live. That low point encouraged Lowe to chase her dreams. “What better time to just go for it and see what you can make happen in your life?” she said.

Eight years later, Lowe has made a name for herself in the industry selling hundreds of homes across Long Island. More than 100 positive reviews on Zillow prove her impact. Clients have described her as “committed,” “knowledgeable,” “understanding” and “very responsive.” Lowe, who has been with EXIT Realty Achieve since 2010, has received several honors including being listed in LIBOR Young Professional Network’s Top 20 Under 40 and RISMedia’s list of rising stars in real estate.

The East Islip resident spoke about the importance of working with a trusting realtor, Long Island’s up-and-coming towns and one of her proudest career moments to date.

Beth Lowe article

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What is the most rewarding part about being a realtor?
Helping people whether they are in a bad situation or a good situation, they need a new home for their growing family, or a smaller one because their kids are growing up. I’ve done a lot of short sales where people are struggling and need my help.

Are there any memorable stories from people who have bought homes from you?
There are so many, I wouldn’t even know where to start. But there’s one in particular where this first-time homebuyer wanted to buy a foreclosure. He was working with another agent who just couldn’t get anything done. Eventually he found me on Zillow and I got him the house. And then, at the last minute, the day before closing, we had a huge title issue. Thanks to my connections, we were able to still get the deal closed and we were able to get him title insurance.

What makes your agency different than others?
We are really focused on working together. Our business model is that everybody is brought in by another agent and that agent has a vested interest in their success. We are not those typical cutthroat realtors that you’ve seen on TV. We really are a team. We help each other and our clients at the same time.

What is your advice to first-time homebuyers? 
Hire a realtor who knows what they are doing because the market is moving and changing so quickly and there are so many things that can happen in a transaction. If you don’t have a professional on your side, it will end up costing you time, heartache and a lot of money.

Beth Lowe article

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What are some up-and-coming towns in Nassau and Suffolk?
I wish I bought a house in Patchogue! That town has been dramatically changing over the last five years. Bay Shore is also going through a revitalization. Those are the two that have stood out to me the most. The downtown Main Streets are attracting young people to those neighborhoods.

Any other trends you’ve noticed in the last year?
We’ve definitely seen lower inventory which has driven prices up. It really makes it more important than ever to have a professional realtor on your side because things are literally changing minute by minute in terms of market condition.

Why do you think this is happening?
We are seeing people just trying to figure out what their next move is and if they are going to stay here or relocate to a less expensive state. When I first started, my average sale was probably $250,000. This year it was well over $400,000 and that’s just for an entry-level first-time homebuyer house. It’s expensive to live here, it’s expensive to stay here, but it’s worth it. I love Long Island.

On a day off, where do you like to spend time on Long Island? 
I love going out East to the vineyards. It’s a totally different world out there. I also love going to Fire Island in the summer or just hanging out in my own backyard.