New Nassau Business Helping Women’s Health

Childbirth caused Kim Petry’s hormones to go out of balance. She struggled to lose weight and suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. 

“I spent more than 10 years going from doctor to doctor and trying various treatments to get well again,” said Petry. “I tried everything from traditional medicine to supplementation to bio-identical hormones. While some of the programs helped, there were always issues and side effects.”

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In 2017, she discovered BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers in Pennsylvania, and her life changed. The organization helps women lose stubborn fat and resolves other hormone-related symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and low energy. Through Natural Hormone Balancing, Petry’s symptoms disappeared and she was able to finally lose weight. The approach, designed by founder Dawn Cutillo, works to remove candida yeast, detoxify the liver and balance hormones through all natural supplementation and glandular support.

Kim Petry

Owner of the Garden City location, Kim Petry.

Having such a profound impact on her health, Petry decided to switch gears from finance and open a BeBalanced Center on Long Island. Located in Garden City, the place celebrated its grand opening Feb. 1. 

Inside the vibe is warm, relaxed and reminiscent of a spa. The colors are copper and gold, complemented with white leather and browns. BeBalanced prides itself on working with clients on their individual needs and symptoms as well as providing coaching and nutritional guidance throughout the entire program. 

“When you feel good and look good, you feel empowered to reach for the stars,” said Petry. “I would like to bring that to everyone who is struggling with issues caused by hormonal imbalances and weight gain.”

The BeBalanced Long Island center is located at 690 Stewart Avenue. It’s open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am until 6pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm until 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 2pm.