Men’s Guide to Casual Cool Spring Trends

Armani mens runway. image: americana manhasset
Bottega Veneta. image: americana manhasset
Ermenegildo Zegna. image: americana manhasset
Ferragamo mens backpack. image: americana manhasset
Ferragamo. image: americana manhasset
Prada. image: americana manhasset
Rag & Bone. image: americana manhasset
Zegna Polo. image: americana manhasset

A man’s closet tends to focus on a few staples: a pair of jeans, a cotton shirt and sneakers. When the fit is right, these essential pieces can flatter any man. Yet seasonal trends add another element of appeal. Senior stylist at Americana Manhasset, Lucianna Bartellino, has been helping men take their style to the next level since 2013. This spring, she is focusing on denim, new tones and unexpected ways to make a man’s outfit pop.

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What defines a man with great style?
Dressing for his frame and not being afraid of the tailor.

When shopping for your clients, what are the 2-3 things foremost in your mind?
When it comes to men, it’s about adding that perfect point of polish that’s both age appropriate and style savvy.

Men have been figuring out that men’s style is all about fit. What’s the best way to get a great fit?
An educated man is a well-tailored man. Do your homework. Don’t be lazy when it comes to trying on clothes. The fitting room is not your enemy. When at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…Or call me!

What are the fits that are big for men this spring and which designers are doing this particularly well?
The popularity of the polished jogger has changed the way men of style dress today. As seen at Zegna, the tapered yet relaxed silhouette of the jogger has become a go-to for both day and night wardrobes. Alternatively, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Prada and Theory are also playing this card very well.

Will skinny jeans go away?
Absolutely not. With the continued rise in popularity of the hypebeast sneaker craze, skinny jeans (with a tapered leg) will always be the ideal complement to showcase one’s rare and highly-coveted footwear. Philipp Plein offers distinct styles for the fashion-forward man.

Men have also figured out that dad jeans are not okay (unless worn by their teenage daughter). What is the denim look men will want to have this spring?
A tailored yet relaxed pair of jeans will always flatter any man, whether he be 30 or 70. Rag & Bone offers jeans in various fits and finishes to suit any masculine style, while still appearing slim.

What about color, is it really ok for men to rock a canary yellow suit in NY?
Unless you’re walking the Grammy red carpet or have a particular affinity for French fries, best to err on the side of caution with the all-over monochromatic bright suit look. That said, color adds life, adds youthfulness and illicits a happy mood, so it’s something highly advised. While yellow might not be your go-to, why not try spring’s new olive and emerald tones, as seen at Burberry?

Which designers are favoring the color trend and doing it well?
Brands as diverse as Philipp Plein and Giorgio Armani all offer a rich color palette for spring.

What other spring style trends should men be shopping for?
White sneakers and espadrilles will always remain staples. Techno fabrics and innovation in construction in both shoes, accessories and clothing are strong at Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada. It’s not just women that benefit from high-fashion collaborations; I love the upcoming Gucci tie-in with Major League Baseball.

It’s still cold and wet out in NY these days. What’s a good way to work spring pieces into a guy’s winter wardrobe to stay stylish and warm?
Fabrics are one way. While linen and cotton blends work great in summer, stick with the same silhouettes in light cashmeres and wools to wear now.

To sum it up, what is the big spring fashion statement guys should make?
Explore the world of menswear that exists at your fingertips. There are no more rules to the menswear game; whether you aspire to look like David Beckham or James Corden, there’s a way to look casually cool. Individuality reigns supreme.

And, finally, socks: yes or no?
Always yes. While a no-show may be your default sock for hot summer months, why not opt for a light cotton sock in a colorful print to lighten the mood? Show your personality on your feet and let your ankles do the talking!