Spring into Color

Alice + Olivia runway. image: americana manhasset
Aquazzura at Intermix. image: americana manhasset
Balenciaga at Hirshleifers. image: americana manhasset
Celine runway. image: americana manhasset
Dior phone case. image: americana manhasset
Dior. image: americana manhasset
Ferragamo mule. image: americana manhasset
Giorgio Armani shoe. image: americana manhasset
Giorgio Armani bag. image: americana manhasset
Gucci. image: americana manhasset
London Jewelers Floral. image: americana manhasset
Max Mara. image: americana manhasset
Morgenthal Frederics. image: americana manhasset
Prada. image: americana manhasset
Rag & Bone. image: americana manhasset
Tory Burch. image: americana manhasset
Zimmermann runway. image: americana manhasset
Lucianna Bartellino. image: americana manhasset

Out with the boring, in with the bold. This spring is all about statement-making pieces and bright colors to boot. These items may be easy to spot on racks, but knowing how to wear them with confidence is another story. That’s why shoppers turn to Lucianna Bartellino, a senior stylist at Americana Manhasset. She’s been helping women and men maximize their look since 2013. “I’m always proud when a client tells me, ‘If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be this confident in myself,'” she said. “To me, it’s all about being real and relatable.” This spring, the personal shopper has her eye on a few trends that will help her clients leap into the season in style.

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What defines a woman with great style?
Confidence, presentation, a willingness to step out of her comfort zone.

When shopping for your clients, what are the 2-3 things foremost in your mind?
What she’s used to wearing, what she’s asking for and what I can contribute by adding more true fashion into her wardrobe.

What are you seeing as big spring style trends?
Bright, saturated colors, leisurewear, florals and femininity. Whether it’s a Gucci sneaker or Zimmermann dress, athleisure continues to remain strong for spring, but always with a high-fashion twist. In addition, hands-free bags like fanny packs, day suiting and exaggerated, voluminous sleeves are big trends.

How is this mega color moment different from the color blocking of yore?
While color blocking still brought neutrals into the mix, this season’s full-on saturation assault is more daring when worn as solids, monochromatically or in a print form that’s bright and fun.

Which designers are doing this particularly well?
Gucci, Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Off-White and really any of the designers at Hirshleifers MRKT are killing it.

It’s still cold and wet in NY these days. What’s a good way to work these pieces into a winter wardrobe to stay stylish and warm?
Incorporate color via layers that hint at what’s underneath. Pops of color, whether it’s in the form of a bag, a shoe or blouse can go a long way to refreshing an otherwise muted winter outfit.

Let’s talk denim. How’s it different this spring? How’s it being worn?
Denim keeps getting—literally—redone. Whether it’s cropped or cropped-flared or ruffles, denim isn’t as tailored anymore. And it’s being worn with sneakers to stilettos, so it’s anyone’s game. There are no denim boundaries anymore. While it hasn’t been relegated to just “daytime” for some time now, it’s been pushed further.

Last season brought us logo-mania. Is that still prevalent this spring? Tell us which prints we should be shopping for.
It’s definitely still relevant, if not more so. Classic logoed brands like Gucci, Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton that have long dominated the logo field have now elevated in a more modern way while maintaining their house codes. What’s more, these high fashion brands are merging their logos via collaborations with this generation’s cutting-edge, trend-setting brands. There’s this connecting of the past with the future.

To sum it up, what is the big spring fashion statement?
While spring’s message is undoubtedly one of bright, bold color, interpret it at your leisure!