Pink Tie Suits Up For a Soirée

An evening of intrigue, opulence and mischief, Pulse’s masquerade ball at Coe Hall on March 9 promises to be epic. The event will benefit, which helps local organizations focused on research and education for diseases. Founded by brothers Rich and Mike Cave, throws networking events allowing professionals to mingle while giving back. I caught up with Rich to find out more about the organization and what is planned for the big night, including a spectacular prize.

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How did get started?
My brother Mike started [the organization] in 2012. Our aunt passed away from breast cancer in 2009. She was 49 and had six children. None of them graduated from high school yet, so all of our cousins grew up without their mother. It was very traumatic for our family. We built this big business and big network in real estate and my brother had the idea to start kind of as a real estate networking group that gave back.

What would you say are the main ideals?
We support all sorts of organizations and have a network close to 3,000 people. The money always stays where it is raised. All the money raised on Long Island stays on Long Island. One hundred percent of the funds go to 501(c)(3) charities. And all of our supporters, donors and everyone involved in the Pink Tie network have opportunities to grow their business while giving back. 

What is your proudest moment with the organization so far?
One of the organizations that we represent is Friends of Karen. It is an organization that supports children with cancer and their families. Just seeing the effects that the funds that we raise have on the lives of these children going through this horrific experience and their families is the most rewarding part of it.

We actually got [Friends of Karen] on the YES Network. One of the children they supported was put on a show called The Hook-Up where they go into the kid’s room when they are out at a doctor’s appointment. When the kid comes back, the room is all tricked out with their favorite sports team. That was done for a child in Central Islip. The next day, on top of tricking out his room with all this New York Yankee paraphernalia, they actually brought him to Yankee Stadium where he was in the dugout down below taking batting practice with Alex Rodriguez.

Where do you hope to see the organization go this year?
We want to double down on our efforts on making it about networking and growing your business. I think that is how we have been able to sustain the support we get from all the major business organizations on Long Island. Whether real estate or attorneys, mortgage brokers or bankers, they see the benefit of being apart of Pink Tie not only because they are doing good in the community, but because they are networking and growing their business.

What does Pink Tie have planned for Pulse’s Night of Mischief?
We are going to be [handing out the masquerade masks]. We actually had some ribbons that we ordered for one of our events that we are going to tie onto the masks…Because there is always a big sports theme to what we do, we are going to be offering a grand prize for the best mask—four tickets to a Yankee game accompanied by former NY Yankee and two-time World Series Champ Cecil Fielder. We are going to provide the transportation as well as signed memorabilia for each of the attendees.