Bar A Dessert Debuts in Patchogue

Originally from China, restaurant owner Ansen Wang came to the United States at the age of 14 with big plans. He dreamed of being a restaurateur, working in kitchens and studying culinary techniques to get ahead. Wang’s moment came in 2015 when he opened 360 Taiko in Patchogue with partners Danny Gao and Eric Lin. After becoming familiar with the town’s culinary scene, he started to notice what was missing.

“I thought Patchogue needed a high-end style dessert shop,” Wang said. “I wanted to bring a childhood favorite dessert to other parts of the world. Rolled ice cream is popular in Asia, but not so much out here.”

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On Feb. 1 he opened Bar A Dessert—a high-end Eastern fusion dessert bar—with his childhood friend Jungle Fu. It is a bright, clean eatery with a youthful and vibrant atmosphere. There are white tables and chairs, a light wood floor and a big sign that reads, “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.”


image: jessica ciminelli

There are a variety of dessert options including cream brûlée, honey toast, mousse and the lauded ice cream. The latter is Thai stir-fried rolled ice cream, which is made to order on a freezing griddle. The Oreo hero has been a favorite among locals. It features Oreo ice cream that is topped with crushed Oreos, chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, a cherry and garnished with a torched marshmallow.

Though the rolled ice cream gets the most hype, the chocolate lava cake is also very popular. Think decadent chocolate paired with creamy vanilla ice cream and garnished with a fresh, decorative strawberry that sits on a bed of crumbled Oreo and Japanese mocha. It is a feast for the eyes and stomach.

“Everything is homemade with fresh ingredients,” Wang said. “There’s about a 10 to 15 minute wait because of that, but you know you’re getting freshly-made desserts; nothing frozen or reheated.”

Bar a Dessert

image: jessica ciminelli

The quality of the ingredients is not the only thing that keeps customers returning for more. There is a gluten-free, delicious tiramisu that tastes like the traditional Italian dessert, but with a unique sphere presentation. It pairs perfectly with one of the warm drinks like jasmine green tea, super fruit tea, cappuccino or latte. Wang plans to add dairy-free, sugar-free and fat-free dessert options in the coming months.

Also sweeping in with the warm weather is another location. Wang hopes the second dessert bar will grace Babylon as soon as this summer.