Full House Organic Kitchen Launches Meal Plan

full house organic kitchen

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Full House Organic Kitchen is helping Long Islanders go fully organic with a meal plan service set to launch on April 18. Founder Judy Racz said it was a natural progression for her Greenvale restaurant, which serves food free of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes.

“There’s really nowhere to get organic food that’s been cooked and prepared and ready to eat around Long Island. Everything is organic if it’s available or seasonal,” said Racz, who opened the USDA certified organic spot in January 2017. “We decided that we can provide that since we have everything available.”

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Interested clients are directed to in-house dietician Melissa Callari, who works with them to create an exclusive meal plan. The plan is customized based on a client’s food preferences, goals and restrictions. That includes gluten-free, vegan, low-carb and paleo diets. And the food options are extensive. Think sandwiches, wraps, chili and quinoa bowls with pasta and pesto chicken. “Because organic should be a lifestyle and not necessarily a diet, [the menu] is flexible so it can fit into anybody’s diet,” Callari said.

Clients can choose between 3, 5, 7 or 30-day meal plans that include breakfast, lunch and dinner or just lunch and dinner. Prices range from $175-$1700 per person depending on the plan.

Judy Racz

Full House Organic Kitchen founder Judy Racz image: judy walker

Racz was inspired to create this meal plan program after receiving positive feedback from a similar experimental one launched last year. One client was Sal DiBenedetto, a food blogger known as The Grubfather, who opted for a two-week plan to drop weight before a trip to Europe. He said he lost up to 10 pounds, felt more energized and had clearer skin. He was equally satisfied with the foods in his plan like meatballs, chicken wings and burgers. “We were able to explore such deep flavors but also keep it healthy,” said DiBenedetto, who will also speak about his experience at the launch event. (The event will include a tasting of the organic food.)

DiBenedetto’s experience comes as no surprise to Racz. After moving from NYC to Roslyn in 2009, the mother of four was frustrated with the lack of healthy, high-quality food options. It was a struggle to feed her son who has a learning disability and is adversely affected by certain foods with artificial ingredients. She’s happy to give other mothers and health-conscious eaters a solution. “I have people thanking me on an almost daily basis for opening this,” she said. “We are really looking to become the leader on Long Island that’s providing certified organic prepared foods to the population.”

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

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