Kick-Start Your Summer Body

It’s easy to forget about bikini weather during wintertime, but spring is a reminder that beach days are right around the corner. It’s time to ignore that sweet tooth and focus on getting into shape.

“There’s no time like the present to start,” said Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger, who founded Elements Fitness in East Hampton in 2014. “Once you start, it’s going to become not just your summertime body but your all the time body.”

Whether taking a barre or dance fusion class at Hunsberger’s studio, or hitting the gym solo, it’s important to get moving. The professional dancer and celebrity trainer offered four tips to kick-start your summer body the right way.

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Set realistic goals

CrossFit and boot camp classes are popular, but they aren’t for everyone—at least not right away. Completely changing your fitness regime in a short period of time isn’t probable for most people and should be avoided, said Hunsberger. Instead, she recommended evaluating your lifestyle and choosing a routine that’s doable. There’s nothing wrong with starting with a low intensity workout, which can eventually lead to a more vigorous routine. “When you reach [these realistic goals], you’ll be setting yourself up to reach more goals and precede them.”

Target your workout

Pinpoint the areas where you want to see progress and focus on them. It’s important to “look at your body and what you want to achieve and then alter the exercises so that you start to see results.” For example, those who want toned arms and shoulders should opt to use lighter weights and increase reps, and those looking to strengthen the glutes can try ankle weights. Hunsberger said it’s important to keep in mind that different types of exercises and classes don’t work the same for everyone.

Find workout buddies

Not everyone is motivated to hit the gym alone. Finding a friend or group of friends to burn calories with you is not only more social, but also gives accountability, Hunsberger explained. It doesn’t have to be a long workout, either. Opt for 35-40 minutes to get the heart rate pumping at a target rate. “It doesn’t have to be a crazy commitment where you are in the gym all day, but just working [a sweat] into your life with a friend.”

Focus on your diet

Yes, you really are what you eat, said Hunsberger. Changing unhealthy habits may not be easy, but it’s necessary to achieve summer body goals. And nowadays, there are fun healthy options to incorporate, she added. Swap a frappuccino with matcha or try an açaí bowl instead of a rice one. Hunsberger also recommended making a homemade juice with your favorite fruits and vegetables. “Your summer body is made in the gym, but it’s also boosted in the kitchen. You have to keep the engine burning.” 

anna halkidis

anna halkidis

Anna Halkidis is a senior web editor at Long Island Pulse. Feel free to reach out at or on Twitter @annahalkidis.