5 Hikes Across the Country with Stellar Views

As the weather warms, thoughts turn to summer plans. For outdoorsy folks, that probably includes a list of scenic locations to explore. Whether an avid outdoors enthusiast, or just a person who appreciates picturesque scenery, some of the world’s best views are from vantage points right here in the United States. The following five places to hike offer unforgettable outlooks.

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Lamar Valley, Montana

Bison along Rose Creek in Lamar Valley; Neal Herbert; May 2015; Catalog #20102d; Original #ndh-yell-pano-rosecreek

See America’s frontier as it once was in Yellowstone National Park. image: wikimedia commons

For sweeping vistas where the buffalo roam, head to Yellowstone National Park. There’s so much prairie land for the eyes to cover, it’s almost hard to take it all in at first. You’ll find the terrain easy to cover on the Lamar River Trail. Choose from a short hike or an overnight backpacking trip. Take a hike

Bar Harbor, Maine


Stunning coastline and magnificent rocks at Otter Cliff. image: goodfreephotos

Like something out of a Brontë novel, you won’t forget the panoramic views on and around Otter Cliff in Maine’s Acadia National Park. While hiking this rocky headland, 110 feet above sea level, you might even get a glimpse of whales swimming along the coast. To get to Otter Cliff, take the Ocean Path trail. Take a hike

Sedona, Arizona

Scenic Sedona’s best loved hike is the West Fork Trail. At about a six mile round trip along Oak Creek Canyon, the path promises views of the state’s well-known red rocks, a river and pine trees. Take a hike

Coyote Buttes, Utah

Utah_The Wave

The Wave appears to undulate before your eyes. image: flickr.com/petrmeissner

You’ve no doubt seen epic photos of The Wave floating around Instagram—and with good reason. The sandstone rock formation in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument draws such interest that only 20 people a day are allowed to hike it with a permit. Get a head start on your application! Take a hike

Kesugi Ridge, Alaska

Perhaps the last true frontier, Alaska has endless hiking options. And of those choices, you’re going to want to make walking to Kesugi Ridge a top priority. The Byers Lake Trail, one of four ways to reach the ridge, offers stunning views of Denali, as well as the Alaska Range. Take a hike

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