Father Knows Best

There was a time when the biggest fashion insult would be to accuse someone of dressing like a dad. This conjured images of ill-fitting, oddly colored, weirdly textured, mismatched clothing. But this spring men couldn’t be more on trend if their sartorial choices are described as such.

A perfectly tailored suit has always been the defining point of a finely dressed man, but there were odd-fitting jackets aplenty on the runways. PRADA showed a beautiful herringbone overcoat with sleeves that were too long and the proportions making the model look as if he was playing dress up. BALENCIAGA had one blazer that was wrinkly with supersized shoulders and another that was a brownish/green muck-colored plaid that looked like it had been salvaged from an attic. The faux pas did not end there. One of these jackets was paired with crotchy, unwashed denim jeans.

Another look at PRADA had pants so tightly cinched there was little left to the imagination, and an itchy, old-looking cardigan was tucked into athletic pants reminiscent of nerdy P.E. teachers. MARTINE ROSE had wide-leg, beige, knee-skimming cargo shorts gathered at the waist but with a garishly large belt emblazoned with his initial M. These ensembles were paired with clunky athletic sneakers and black calf-high socks. N° 21 also had a version of this geriatric sneaker, but the lime-green ankle socks were an ironic modern twist.

Indeed, beneath all of these irreverent references to men’s awkward middle–aged years was a celebration and honoring of the beauty that comes from the experience of maturity. All to be said, father knows best.