North Fork Mainstay Gets New Owners

After 148 years, the oldest family-run restaurant in the nation is handing over the reins. Claudio’s, also known as the North Fork’s seafood empire in Greenport, was purchased by high-profile attorney Perry Weitz and his son David and debt relief specialists Ian Behar and Ryan Sasson.

“We have all been coming out here with our families and friends for years–our kids have grown up with the merry-go-round, docks and culture of this town,” said Behar. “When we heard it was on the market we jumped at the opportunity to ensure the legacy lived on.”

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The group plans to reopen the family’s three restaurants (Claudio’s, Claudio’s Clam Bar and Crabby Jerry’s) by Memorial Day weekend.

“We aren’t looking to re-invent the wheel but rather take the time to understand what the patrons of Claudio’s love about the place and then cater to that.”

To ensure that is possible, the owners are bringing in a great team. Tora Matsuoka, co-owner of Sen Restaurant in Sag Harbor, and seasoned restaurateur Stephen Loffredo (who owned former NYC hotspots like Zoe and Jovia) will manage the restaurants. Between understanding the culinary scene and the experience that goes with it, they will look to improve the food and service levels where needed.

“We are excited about our seasoned team of Tora and Stephen working hard to bring top quality and flavor to our patrons,” said Behar.