5 Flavors to Try at Rocky Point’s New Broadway Market

Broadway Market in Rocky Point is what you might call highly anticipated. The opening was delayed half a year, but well worth the wait as patrons have been buzzing about the top-notch fare since it opened in March.

The 2,500-square-foot hybrid—better yet, junction—stands on the former site of a disused Rocky Point Long Island Rail Road station. Its co-owners first teamed up five years ago at the Rocky Point Farmers Market where Shasho Pole (owner of Naturally Grass Fed) and Annie Olenick (owner of Something Sweet Dessert Shoppe) operated individual stands.

Their joint venue, like the duo’s farmers’ market roots, allow patrons to pick and choose. An open layout functions with a cafe counter, full-service bar and a 44-seat restaurant that mixes urban charm and modern farmhouse vibes in one. Expect polished concrete floors and exposed ductwork cozied up with white-painted, wood-paneled counters and backdrops—like a country pantry stocked with modern flavor.

An L-shaped counter serves anything from cappuccinos to Olenick’s signature treats (think cookie dough puffs and trays of brownies and blondies), plus prepared dishes like quinoa, chicken or white bean salads. Made-to-order sandwiches and flatbreads make for a hearty lunch menu, and in the evening, sit-down dinner is led by Dmytro Guydash (a Topping Rose House alum) with plated dishes like tuna pokè and cauliflower steak.

Did I mention there’s a full-scale bar, too? No matter where you land within Broadway Market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out five early favorites.

Counter Culture Iced Coffee

A shiny and turquoise La Marzocco espresso machine pulls one type of bean you won’t find too many places on Long Island: Counter Culture Coffee. Keeping in line with Pole’s own farming practices, the sustainability-focused, North Carolina-based coffee roaster is a worthy addition to the market ethos. Broadway Market opted for a sweet and nutty variety, and just in time for warm weather, iced coffee is on the menu. Keen to indulge your sweet tooth? House-made vanilla bean and mocha syrups are available to give it a boost.

Lemon Meringue Donut

Leading up to the opening, Olenick promised fresh, decadent donuts, and she’s making good on those high expectations. Behind the counter, an array of rotating donuts are all crowd-pleasers with flavors as simple as raspberry glazed to Boston cream. But if there’s one flavor that’s stealing the show, it’s the bright yellow lemon meringue donut. Finished with a torched crown, it’s a fancy little number to start off your morning.

Farm Burger

For lunch, Broadway Market’s Farm Burger is a home run—it’s not only made with ground beef from Pole’s upstate farm, but grass-finished beef (an extra step for grass-fed livestock which ensures they’re pastured their entire lives). The process allows, according to Pole, more complex flavors and nutrients than conventional meat (a.k.a., this burger is bound to be delicious). And with toppings like cheese and fried onions, don’t mistake this signature burger for a lightweight. 

White Negroni 

Behind the full-scale bar, you’ll spot a rotating menu of craft cocktails. While there’s plenty of room for beer, cocktails are on tap, too. Try the White Negroni, a bright and botanical recipe for spring. Skipping the Negroni’s traditional sweet vermouth, the cocktail includes Tanqueray gin, a floral dose of Lillet Blanc and Saint Germain liqueur for a hit of elderflower. As for the other on-tap options, give the organic kombucha a taste—it makes its way into the Kombucha Mule, a vodka cocktail with muddled orange.

Nutella-Hazelnut Cake

In front of the baked goods, a quote painted on the floor reads: “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Those famous words come from Julia Child, and it’s best to follow her lead. A whole lineup of fresh cakes are available by the slice, and one of the latest creations, a Nutella-hazelnut crunch cake, is an excellent place to start. Topped with a dark chocolate ganache and a hazelnut crunch, it’s pure nostalgia.