Alex Vinash’s New Collection Debuting in Greenport

Co-owner of the popular American Beech hotel, restaurant and boutique in Greenport, Alex Vinash drew inspiration from the scenic North Fork to design a new resort collection. The Argentinian-born fashion designer will debut the line at the “Garden of Eden” runway show at the Greenport American Legion on June 2, combining his love for exploration with relaxation.

“I’ve been coming to Greenport every weekend for four years now,” said Vanish whose designs have appeared on the red carpet at the Emmy’s, the Met Gala and the Oscars. “The relaxed lifestyle, colors and flowers all contributed to this collection.”

The 50 outfits—with pieces for men and women—range from casual to elegant and are comprised of a mix of silk, prints, embroidery and handmade beading. I caught up with Vinash before the big unveiling to talk about his favorite pieces, summer trends and his design footprint on the East End (which includes a new hotel!).

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How would you describe the look of the new collection?
There are three parts. The first is more colorful and ready to wear and that includes amazing sneakers with embroidery. I want people to be comfortable if they are going away for a weekend or going to the beach. It can be difficult to travel with many different shoes. Sneakers can be very elegant while also being fun. The second part is more silks and a lot of gray, gold and black pieces. There are also some plead and lame fabrics. The last part is a lot of beading and navy blues. It is more for nighttime and for men and women who want to wear something they usually don’t wear to work all day. This also includes handmade gowns.

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What are some of your favorite pieces?
The handmade, embroidery dresses. There is also a velvet, magenta jacket that is very fitted [and can be] paired with a wine color tulle skirt that I think represents the wine country very well.

What trends should we look out for this summer?
Definitely embroidery; it is timeless. And pieces you can wear with basic stuff like fitted jackets that can be paired with jeans or shorts or just a T-shirt with pants. Also, straight pants that you can wear with flats or heels to either look dressed up or very relaxed depending on where you are going.

How did you come up with the designs for your new 18-room hotel Aqua in Aquebogue?
I like to bring myself into the place. And I like to go to places that make me feel like I am on vacation. [Upon arrival] at Aqua there are huge planters and assorted plants by the entrance. The corridor has black and white palms on the carpet. The rooms are very light and earthy with bamboo on the ceiling and palm inside each one. I love the tropical feeling. All the rooms look out on the water. It is very relaxed and easy going like American Beech.