Drive Away With a Great Deal from Audi Lynbrook

Justin Haynes believes in three things: process, passion and honesty. Those beliefs have helped him transform Audi Lynbrook into a one-of-a-kind luxury car dealership that’s been attracting clients from the East End all the way to the city.

The Georgetown graduate has been in the industry for more than a decade having worked at several luxury dealerships along the East Coast, including Infiniti and Lexus. In 2009, he made the switch to Audi working as the general manager at Atlantic Audi on Long Island. Four years later, the company bought Anchor Audi and within that year Audi Lynbrook launched. Haynes has been the general manager ever since. With his leadership and vision, the team has expanded, sales revenue has grown more than 50 percent and the dealership jumped from being 53rd in the country to 16th, and second in the Tri-State area.

The success has a lot to do with the honest pricing, likable staff and the environment. “I get a ton of feedback from clients and employees saying how this place always feels alive. It’s the way purchasing a car should be,” said Haynes. “Who wants to be bored making this type of purchase?”

Haynes spoke more about the dealership, customer perks and new models shoppers should consider this year.

What do you think attracts customers from all over to your dealership?
The people. This store is one of the most unique that I have seen or been a part of. Find any successful team and you will see process, passion and belief. We really put an onus on trying to find folks that look at the glass half full, folks that believe in our processes and want to give clients an awesome experience in sales and service. We are the furthest from your stuffy retailer; that is something that is very important to us. We want every client to feel comfortable walking in here.

The dealership is also known for having transparent, honest pricing.
We pride ourselves on making our customers feel like family here. There are many ways in which we do this of course, but honesty is one of our top priorities. We want our customers to leave happy, knowing they got a good deal. In regards to used vehicles, we do a 500 miles radius search to make sure our prices are the lowest in the area. With this, we guarantee our prices to be at or below market value. As far as hidden fees are concerned, that is just not how we conduct business here. We do not see the point in trying to win one over on our customers. An important way to grow a successful business is by being upfront and by giving your customers a great car buying experience.

Justin Haynes

General Manager Justin Haynes has transformed Audi Lynbrook into a one-of-a-kind luxury car dealership.

What perks does Audi Lynbrook offer clients?
We have a referral bonus package that includes $200 for yourself or $250 towards the charity of your choosing. We have an executive service package where we will actually pick up your car for service and bring it back upon completion. We have a state of the art service center with an amazing waiting area, which has a big TV, complimentary breakfast and lunch available, free Wi-Fi and an iPad station.

What are some new models and/or features clients should know about?
Two new vehicles that our team and our customers are extremely excited about are the RS5 and R8 V10 Plus. Some future vehicles that are coming out within the next year are the all new redesigned A6, A7 and A8. Audi is also releasing a new model, the Q8. It is similar to the Q7 but with a sporty twist. Some of my favorite features in the Audi are the virtual cockpit, which is a completely customizable digital dashboard system. This feature puts every feature on your dashboard for easy access. Another feature is our adaptive cruise control and Audi pre-sense systems. These are industry leading safety enhancements.

How do Audi’s entry-level models appeal to a younger audience?
The main reason is the overall look and sportiness of Audis, as well as the amount of technology available in these vehicles. Also, the Audi’s quattro system is one of the best AWD features in the market. This gives young drivers peace of mind, safety and the thrill of performance.

Finally, what’s your favorite thing about Audi?
I have been lucky enough to be a part of companies that have every model line and I have driven pretty much everything. There is a different feel that you have when you are driving an Audi. Ultimately, that feeling is one that so many clients have also expressed to me over the years. It’s also way more affordable than a lot of people think—not much more than a lot of mass brands. Handling and power give it a true sports car feel. Everything is within sight and reach. It almost has an airplane feel. But it’s still a really practical and safe car.

Audi Lynbrook is located at 855 Sunrise Highway.