Exotic Adventure

Exotic exploration takes us on a worldly adventure through the looking glass of fashion’s timeless traditions, to celebrate and gain perspective on the uniqueness of each culture across the universe. The characteristics of each journey and place ultimately tell a story and have created the timeline of what we now define as global fashion. Exotic embellishments, woven textiles and warm embroidered details get updated by the intermix of modern style essentials for a seamless fusion of beauty.

Inspired by French heritage, which is captured through its craftsmanship and beautiful, one-of-a-kind embellishments, the dress by ALTUZARRA explores a new form of femininity with a playful twist of innovation. A pair of snakeskin mules by MANOLO BLAHNIK capture a glimpse of  African culture. These hot commodities turn up the heat with their eye-popping color and tribal-style elements, overall creating a concept of worldly travels. With such adventure depicted through fashion’s modern landscapes, a joyful new world is awaits!