9th International Conference on Optics, Photonics & Lasers

Berlin,germany, Berlin,germany
Berlin,germany, Georgia EC1V 2NX


The 9th edition of Euro Optics 2018 will feature on different tracks covering all the aspects of Photonics, Optics and Laser. The conference paves a platform to globalize the research by installing a dialogue between industries and academic organizations and knowledge transfer from research to industry. Euro Optics 2018 aims in proclaim knowledge and share new ideas amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of photonics, optics and laser all the related disciplines to share their research experiences and indulge in interactive discussions and special sessions at the event. To discuss in the topics of optical imaging and sensing, lasers and nonlinear optics, optoelectronics, applied industrial optics, fiber laser technology, photonics, nano and quantum sciences, optical technologies, lasers in medicine, optics in astronomy and astrophysics, optical communications and networking, quantum optics, laser systems, surface enhanced spectroscopy, optical fiber, latest technologies in photonics and lasers and industrial applications of laser and photonics-overview, challenges and current trends