A Woman’s Perspective

1028 Park Ave
Huntington, New York 11743


In celebration of Women’s History Month:
“A Woman’s Perspective”

Curated by Sherry Dooley
Opening Reception
March 11th, 2017
Showing through April 1, 2017.

This curated National Group show will feature diverse female artists from around the country celebrating Women’s History Month.

Participating Artists:

Rondi Casey- Huntington, NY
Caitlin Clifford- New Orleans, LA
Jenna Colby- Erie, PA
Sherry Dooley- Portland, Or.
Eden Folwell- Los Angeles, CA
Sueey Gutierrez- Long Island
Dorothy A. Holmes- Bend, OR
Maria Kramer- New Orleans, LA
McKayla Lankau- Long Island, NY
laura shuran meseroll- Lansing MI
Yvonne O’Gara- Velarde, NM
Kat Ryalls- New Orleans, LA
Dominique Steffens- Napa, CA
Tracy Wisehart-Plaisance- Cut Off, LA

From the Curator, Sherry Dooley;
“I wanted to curate a show, which comes from the body, soul and mind of women. We are creators of beauty; we are creators of the ugly, the truth, the lies, the underworld, the sky and humor. We are creators.

Carefully, I hand picked women that express themselves via the world in which they live. We are not all the same. This group of women artists is diverse in their work, as each woman sees the world around them through different eyes. Their eyes. Coming from different parts of the country, I believe the art they create represents our country as a whole. That’s what we need right now – unity, yet in different forms.

It’s a perfect time to showcase a woman’s perspective, as we celebrate Women’s History Month. In a time where it seems that men dominate our choices, our bodies, our way of thinking and even the art world: Our perspective won’t be silenced.”