“Acknickulous” Summer Street Art by MiLKSOP and TOBAL

1028 Park Ave
Huntington, New York 11743


RIPE welcomes back two of our favorite boys of summer…
Well known street artists MilkSop, and Tobal.
Showing from June 17th through July 29th!

We’ll also be having a trunk show from Hideaway Vinyl!

“Acknickulous” an old school term from a rapper named EST. He was the lead in the group ‘3 Times Dope’. He had a song called “the acknickulous one”. It’s not even a real word, but in the song he explains what it means. Used as the show title, it’s reminiscent of old school hip-hop and fuses the different styles with a ridiculous word that just feels right..

MiLKSOP An accomplished graphic artist practicing both fine art and digital media, MilkSop has worked over 15 years in Evansville, IN. Focusing on mixed media paintings, non-traditional painting techniques, content and graphic design. He owns and operates MiLKSOP STUDiO in his hometown. Also a founding member of the artist collective The Arts Council of Doom (or TACODOOM) helping contribute and cultivate local Tri-State art scene with other passionate local artists.
His artwork can be found in both collections nationally as well as internationally, in periodicals, online magazines & blogs, online galleries and various art venues throughout Evansville, IN, Louisville, KY, Queens, Long Island, and Brooklyn, NY.

TOBAL… (Toe-bowl) grew up in California where he was introduced to the graffiti scene as an early teen through breakdancing. During Jr. High fell in love with skateboarding which opened up the world to him as a giant playground. Now as an adult TOBAL tries to incorporate all these different elements into his art. He hopes to continue to inspire those through the images and colors of his work to live with no regrets and go after what they want.