Art Exhibition: Vision Quest, Terence Netter

90 N Country Road
Setauket, New York 11733

Vision Quest, Terence Netter at Gallery North
March 18-April 15, 2016
Gallery North is pleased to present Vision Quest, an exhibition of fifteen paintings created by Terence Netter from 1999 to the present. Now in his eighties, Netter’s continued focus has been on his arduous search for truth, perhaps something seen in a dream or as part of a religious experience. The images are varied; landscapes, combinations of large shapes, reminiscent of landscapes of his home in France; large shapes, memories of life-changing major events which have touched the lives of every person. Patterned details which create a rhythm and energy, complement the quiet lifestyle he seeks in his home away from home. There are many levels to this quest: vision as a meaning of life and truth, vision as new path of self- expression and vision as spiritual and emotional wisdom. It is a journey which culminates in a visual ensemble of many levels of perceptual understanding.