Beavers, Nature’s Engineers Presentation

95 Harbor Road
Cold Spring Harbor , New York 11724

Join us on December 9th at 7pm at Cold Spring Harbor library to learn about beavers and how busy and beneficial they really are!

For years, beavers were deemed harmful creatures, but these days, they are finally being recognized as nature’s engineers. In fact, they are being welcomed into the landscape as a defense against the withering effects of climate change. Birdwatchers have a special reason to love beavers as their dams provide critical habitat for a variety of migratory songbirds.

Dr. Patrick Thomas, mammal expert and general curator from the Bronx Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Society, will present just how busy and beneficial beavers really are.

All meetings are free and open to the public
Cold Spring Harbor Library, 95 Harbor Road (Rt 25A), Cold Spring Harbor
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