Bizarre Haunted Flea Market

1303 Round Swamp Rd
Old Bethpage, New York 11804

Great Venue! Butter Beer! Great Vibe! Great People! Tarot Readings! Creepy Art! Paranormal Investigators! Morbid Crafts! Music! Creepy Santa! Special Guests! Performers! Everyone can skip the “Mall Madness” and get their holiday shopping done the 2nd at this “convention” type of flea market with over 75 vendors, celebrity guests, performances and more!
At the wonderful 200 acres re-created 1800’s community Long Island knows as Old Bethpage Village Restoration this 2-day festive shopping experience known as, the Bizarre Haunted Flea Market, will embrace the holiday spirit with a touch of Halloween adding more fun for the whole family. Gift wrapping by the event elves will be available for shoppers while an arts and crafts zone will allow parents to do some shopping or a tarot reading while the children stay occupied. Attendees can choose to spend the entire day at the event or simply spend 2 hours shopping to ensure their holiday lists are complete.
Guests include: Jim Tavare of Harry Potter’s “Prisoner of Azakaban”, Marty Grabstein the voice of “Courage the Cowardly Dog”, and Carl Paolino the creator of “Celebrity Deathmatch”. All guests will participate in a discussion on Saturday and or Sunday while actor Jim Tavare will present a comedy skit, Saturday evening, during the Wizarding Ball which follows the return of the Pomynauk Academy’s Wizarding Classes. The Pomynauk Academy Wizarding Classes will take place at the same venue on the same weekend.