Book Signing and Launch Party

432 N. Wantagh Ave
Bethpage, New York 11714

HARRY HID IT book launch party- NO COVER CHARGE-free appetizers- DJ-giveaways- CASH BAR!!!
THis BOOK is an entertaining, interactive story that follow the tale of Harry Strickland and his friends as they pull off several thefts that soon spiral out of control-This book has another fun element to it, though. The one piece of the plot that I will share with you here is that Harry stashes away most of his gang’s stolen booty. There are clues scattered throughout the story that can enable a reader to figure out where the loot is hidden. I challenge every reader to try to figure out the mystery, send in your solution, and have a shot at winning the prize money. Yes…this is very real! It may not be the several million dollars Harry and his gang get their hands on, but the prize pool begins at $5000 -It can rise as high as $500,000!!