Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival Saturday Soiree – “Effervescent Charm”

2429 Montauk Highway
Bridgehampton, New York 11932

6:30 – 7:30 PM
Of all great child prodigies, perhaps none match the amazingly well-rounded Felix Mendelssohn. Beyond his ability as a composer, he was also a virtuoso pianist, a celebrated conductor, a talented painter, and an excellent gymnast. His music provides listeners the aural equivalent of brightly colored paintings and requires feats of performers best suited to highly trained athletes. The two examples on display in this program are evidence of his unsurpassed skill at creating elfin-like passages of spectacular beauty while displaying music of great depth. Written when he was just 19, Poulenc’s insouciant, Stravinsky-influenced Sonata for Two Clarinets provides perfect balance to the evening.
Tickets: $35