Chalda Maloff to Exhibit Digital Paintings at Ceres Gallery, NYC

547 West 27th St Suite 201
New York, New York 10001


(New York, NY) – Ceres Gallery is pleased to present BEINGS, an exhibit of 26 digital paintings by Chalda Maloff.

This new series explores the transient nature of existence via intimate portraits of imagined lifeforms. Each such conjectured creature is fragile and vulnerable. It resides in an uncertain universe, as do we all. Its delicate membranes and exquisite body parts are at times almost absorbed into the environment, casings vanishing as densely layered detail gives way to inscrutable miasma or arbitrary splatter. And yet, expressively rendered in exaggerated scale, each lifeform faces the viewer undeterred. It is fully present in time and space.

“I want to convey the inherent impulse toward vibrant life that resides even within the smallest and most precarious of us,” Maloff states. “I hope to leave the viewer energized, perhaps with a heightened appreciation for the nuance of passing moments.”

Her developed method of using the computer as an art tool combines freehand tablet drawing, simulating various natural media, with digital filters. She does not employ any type of photography in her pieces. “I consider myself a post-digital artist,” she says. “I employ the technology for expressive and aesthetic purposes rather than as an end in itself.”

Maloff’s art has been exhibited throughout North and South America and in Europe. Recent awards include the North Light Award from the Visual Arts Society of TX and Second Mention of Honor at the VIII Salón de Arte Digital in Venezuela. In her home state of Texas, she is represented by Mary Tomás Gallery in Dallas, TX and Beta Gallery in Galveston, TX. To learn more about her artwork, visit

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