CSHL Public Lecture: BIG DATA: How biological data science can improve our health, foods and energy

One Bungtown Road
Cold Spring Harbor, New York 11724


Speaker: CSHL Assistant Professor Mike Schatz, Ph.D.
What: Public Lecture

We are in the middle of an incredible transition in biology, driven by the rapidly improved throughput and falling costs of DNA sequencing. These technologies are used, among many other applications, for studying the genetic components of cancer, autism and other complex diseases, and to probe the natural world to develop more robust crops and biofuels.

The scope of these projects was almost unthinkable ten years ago. But when it comes to genome sequencing, the future is here as costs continue to plummet and capacity climbs.

Come join us to find out what happens when BIG DATA meets DNA!

When: Wednesday, June 18th from 7:00 – 8:00 P.M.
Reservations: This event is free to the public. For reservations or more information please visit http://www.cshl.edu/campus-events or call CSHL Public Affairs Department at 516-367-8455.