77 Jobs Lane
Southampton, New York 11968

SEP 24 – OCT 15
Opening Reception: Sep 24th – 4PM – 6PM
Gallery Hours: Thurs-Sat 11AM – 6 PM, Sun 10AM – 4PM

ERIC DEMARCHELIER reveals himself in his first Hamptons exhibition at the Lucille Khornak Gallery on September 24th in Southampton. Demarchelier, a name known to many, have established themselves through their highly successful family-owned NYC restaurant and also in the world of fashion photography.

Eric, a native of Normandy and owner of restaurant, Demarchelier, has been avidly painting for the past 25 years. His work is characterized by his range of complex and engaging abstract styles, in which he evokes one’s perceptual field by merging formalistic opposites in color and shape or texture and form.

In this exhibition, Eric reveals the movement of fused, unformed shapes charged by the motion of unstable colors. His approach to abstraction is further pursued by a method of peeling and scraping which exposes the underlayers of paint, creating a wind-swept or blurred surface that intrigues one’s sense of perception.